Modification Package doesn't work

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I have made two packages. 

Main package: Notepad++ 7

Modification package: Containing two plugins (dll files) in VFS.

After successfully installing i don't see my plugins in Notepad.


If i create this emty folder structure locally "C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\plugins\" and start Notepad++, then i will see the two extra plugins. This is not workable. It's look like the VFS is not MERGED.

I have zip everything and included instructions. Could some help me fixing this issue or tell me what i do wrong?

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@mbonsing what version of Windows are you on? 


We wrote about which version of Windows supports this kind of modification package here:



@Dian Hartono Hi, I'm using a older version (17xxx). I will upgrade our machine and then test again.

I have similar issue but using Windows 10 1809, so don't understand why VFS merging is not working apparently.
Any other idea ?
JF Baude
Hello all
I did additional test under another machine running Windows 10 1909 and it worked correctly !
So the documentation given is not correct ?
Please confirm or not.
JF Baude
Can you confirm the minimum target OS specified in the manifest of your modification package also includes 1809?


Hereafter an extract of manifest file:


<TargetDeviceFamily MaxVersionTested="10.0.19043.0" MinVersion="10.0.17763.0" Name="Windows.Desktop" />
<uap4:MainPackageDependency Name="Thales.MyApp" Publisher="CN=_TestJSA_SigningCert, O=Example Ltd, L=Marseille, S=France, C=FR" />


I guess it is OK regarding minimal target right ?




Hi all
Sorry for this question but can VFS merge any kind of file ?
Can we change for example an icon (or image) thru this feature ?
I did some trial and it is not working as expected
JF Baude
>Can we change for example an icon (or image) thru this feature ?

I had this problem too when Modification Packages were announced, but I haven't tested this on the newer versions of Windows
Hello Bogdan,

After additional tests it seems working properly only from Windows 10 1909, not before.