Get-AppxPackage for installed bundle information incorrect/misleading


I installed a bundle using Add-AppXPackage.  When I run Get-AppXPackage:

  • The internal name field from the bundle manifest appears in the list, rather than the name of the package.  The bundle was created in Visual Studio using a WAP and assigned a GUID for the name of the bundle). The packages in the bundle had a proper package name.
  • The "IsBundle" field reports false.

OS 21H1.

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@TIMOTHY MANGAN Hi, thanks for posting this. We are looking into this issue. 

@TIMOTHY MANGAN This is actually expected behavior. That command actually shows the main package in the bundle. If you want to see the name of the bundle itself you would use "PackageTypeFilter". For example: Get-AppxPackage *msix* -PackageTypeFilter Bundle

Thanks for letting us know about this! We will have to update these docs to be more clear here.