MSIX AppAttach Storage and Performance

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Hoping someone has had some experience with this...

Planning out a new WVD environment utilizing MSIX AppAttach. We will have a large number of applications packaged and made available via AppAttach and the corresponding permissions to access a certain app.

My questions are:
1. Has anyone setup a large AppAttach environment like this before? If so, how did things work? Were they smooth in terms of Performance?
2. For Storage of the Apps, did you use Azure Files or Azure NetApp Files? What tier did you use for throughput?
3. If you used Azure Files, did you use Standard Storage (HDD) or Premium (SSD) storage and the throughput that goes with each?
4. If you used NetApp Files what Tier did you use?

Basically looking for some suggestions / recommendations on what to use if setting this up for a large number of applications that will grow over time.

I should also add that all user profiles are setup via FSLogix using Azure NetApp Files Premium Tier (64 MiB/s per TB).


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1. The largest deployment currently is 8000 users
2. Depends on how many virtual machines will access the individual file (AF currently has 2000 open handles limit)
3. Sorry this question only make sense in the context of deciding to use unmanaged disks on Azure Files for storing the MSIX images and that is not recommended,
4. Depends how many VMs and what is the size of the MSIX pacakges