Hololens 2 "See it Say it" voice commands not working

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Hi All,


I'm developing using Unity and MRTK. I have successfully built multiple Hololens 2 apps all working great with no issues at all except when I started to try using voice commands.


I already went through the built in "Hints" app to ensure that voice commands work at least in that built in app. They work fine. Again, no issues at all.


Regarding my app dev in Unity, I have already done my due diligence and ensured the following:

- Speech is enabled/allowed on Hololens

- Mic is working and on

- All permissions are granted at every level

- MRTK profiles are cloned and set up properly including Windows Speech Input data provider and Speech commands in the Speech data provider

- Permissions are granted in the Unity project settings for the microphone

- I tried testing voice commands with the build in demo that comes with MRTK and I created my own basic custom app that just had one button from the MRTK toolbox that had a Select "Say" prompt over the button.


Any help is appreciated.



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