Dell Visor vpr100 I can only see half the screen on the left lense

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I connected my VR for the first time. it works great but i see half screen on the left lense and the other half is black, any help?

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Same problem in my HP Mixed Reality, but i see half of the right lense. It started sometime after the March 28 update. I had to run it several times to make it work. And the last three days nothing helps. The image on the lens is not stretched, as if the contact is dead. Is there a solution to this problem or should I buy a new helmet?

I found almost nothing on the Internet except for the recommendation to reinstall Windows.

Hello, so here is my update:

You can't find absolutely nothing online because there is nothing you can do. When you have this problem and it doesn't go away using the suggested solutions (unplug it and plug it again basically) the problem is on the mask and it needs replacing. Long story short you got a faulty piece, this happens. You have to send it back to the manufacturer for service/replacement that's what I did and they let me know that it had a faulty mask they replaced the mask and now it's fine. Hope that helps. @KurLao 

Thank you. The mask seems to have outlived its useful life, it's time to buy something new. And the occasional successful starts (after 2-3 hours of switching) is just a cramp. T_T