Introducing the Mixed Reality Feature Tool for Unity
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The Mixed Reality Feature Tool for Unity is a new application that simplifies the process of learning about new Mixed Reality features, such as the Mixed Reality Toolkit, from Microsoft.


Every time you run the feature tool, it refreshes the catalog, keeping you up to date on new features and new versions of existing ones.


Simply select the desired features and the Mixed Reality Feature Tool will do the work of identifying required dependencies, downloading the packages and, assists with updating your Unity project to include those features.


Discovering and acquiring features

When you click Start, the catalog is queried, and the available Mixed Reality features are displayed. Features are grouped into related categories (ex: Platform Support) where you can discover what is available, learn more (via the Details link) and select the desired version.


Discovering features using the Mixed Reality Feature Tool.


Clicking Get features will begin downloading the selected feature packages.


Want to learn more?

Check out our documentation and download the Mixed Reality Feature Tool to get started!

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