Removal of Duplicate Task option in ToDo

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I have a number of template tasks which include a number of steps in ToDo which I do frequently but not on a regular schedule eg approving someone's annual leave.  I have a list of templates and when I need a new copy I used to duplicate the template task then move the second copy to where I needed it. 

In the latest update  Microsoft have removed the Duplicate function so I have to manually type the "duplicate" task in again.  This is the same in Outlook app and online versions of Outlook and ToDo.

Why are MS taking core functionality away from this app?  Do they ever consult users before making changes like this?

Does anyone have a workaround?  Please .....

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I saw this disappear @LindsayW the other day too which caused great consternation but it now appears to have been added back. 

It seems to be work again in the normal "list" view, but not in the "grid" view.