iOS Widgets not refreshing

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I have a widget for My Day but it isn’t refreshing. It thinks it is still yesterday and there is no way to refresh it other than deleting the widget and adding it back. 

I am not sure if this is relating to a new issue where My Day is also not refreshing. It doesn’t refresh and leaves tasks that I didn’t get to complete in there. So next day I have to kill the app to clear it down and start afresh.


Other bugs to add to these:

1. Reminders don’t work

2. Shared lists between personal 365 and work 365 don’t work - getting list ready issue


this is a difficult app the stick with. I am trying but it is hard work and missing basic features or has left out basic options. Check my other post for details if interested.



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this also happens on Android, this is so annoying because I need to delete and readd the widget always