Reminders not working properly for a modified task

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I had a task to take action on a subscription a month before the subscription ended. My intention was to start receiving weekly reminders a month before my deadline. I wasn't sure if the reminders would work as I hoped, but I did extend the subscription before the deadline. At that point I modified my task, setting my due date to sometime in October 2023 and my reminder date to a month before that. The problem is that I am now getting weekly reminders that I don't need until September, and I see no obvious way to fix this when editing the task.


This leads me to ask for advice on the best way to modify and re-use tasks. Do I need to mark this task as completed and then modify it and reactivate it, or would even that not stop the reminders until I need them again?


I'm dating myself, but this used to be so easy on Palm OS. There was a Repeat option that could be clearly set to None. With Microsoft To Do it is not clear how to turn off Repeat, or how to quickly see what, if anything, the Repeat option is currently set to. Maybe this becomes clear to users over time, but isn't it important for a new user to be able to easily tell whether Repeat is on or off? Is this only to give the app a "cleaner" look? That seems to be a priority for so many apps, but prioritizing a "clean look" can sometimes have a major negative impact on app usability, as it seems to in this case.


Also, I have seen other posts complaining about the lack of repeating reminders, but the unneeded weekly notifications I am now receiving are clearly labeled "Reminder." Shouldn't the app make clear whether Repeat applies to the reminder date or the due date? More often than not, what I want to repeat is the reminder, not the task.


Thanks in advance for any advice.



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I am an independent advisor responding to MS TO Do App.


I did not find a solution for the recurring task and reminder for the To Do App. Here is a potential solution in Outlook Online or New Outlook.


  • Create an annual recurring appointment (do not add anyone in the attendee field)
  • Assign the appt to category with a Subscription title (This way you can add other subscriptions with different dates and search on the category)
  • Click on Reminder field. At the bottom, choose Add Email Reminder. 

This way you have control of the recurring appt and reminders.


I also recommend you add your TO DO requirements to MS feedback portal which will others to vote.  Please provide the link in this thread.


If you find this information please mark it as the best answer or like it which will assist others.