My Day Misconception

Steel Contributor

Perhaps the most common complaint i get is that the 'my day' section doesn't include items that are due 'today'.  What's the reasoning behind this?  It looks like i can manually add it to the list, however, wouldn't it make more sense to add visibility and automatically insert those items (perhaps an option i guess)?


Otherwise, what's the reason for this list other than a daily list to say 'get groceries', etc?


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@Dustin HalvorsonThe intention of "My Day" is that you start every day with a clean slate and decide which of your tasks you want to focus on that day by adding them to My Day and then arranging them in the order in which you want to work on them. 

@Kreera House Interesting.  I'll use that as an 'explanation' to staff.  The general feedback today is that when i look at My Day, I expect to see what i have planned for My Day.