Video icon missing for external calls

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When we try to video call with external users we can find them and start a chat with them but the icon to start a video or audio call is missing. 

I've checked and we have 'Allow external domains' ticked and every option in guest access is on. This whole section is missing from the chat on both desktop and web. Is this intentional? Or is there another way to video call an external contact without having to create a meeting?



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Hello, I do have them enabled (both my test tenants allowing external access/federation). Is this happening for all externals or only one org?
Hi It is happening for all external domains.
Sorry for the slow reply, I thought I'd already responded. I tried the diagnostic tool and it showed the external domains were ok, so I tried again and it is now working. I'm not sure what changed but its ok now.
Hello! Excellent news. Sometimes it's all about propagation.