Adding a new user does not work (free teams org)

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I can't send an invitation email to a new user because I'm getting an error message. It only works for email addresses that belong to your own domain. The invitation will go to a different email address.

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You need to provide more details and perhaps a screenshot that shows this message you get.



I can't add much.
Adding a user to the client adds an attachment screen.
Enter an e-mail address and the red line will appear immediately:
There was an error sending the invitation, please try again


@Iminet97 Hello again, I've tried using the same invitation dialog box with my own Teams free org. and cannot reproduce your error. I can add any of my existing email address (i.e. Gmail, Outlook, Work) and send the invite. Perhaps you need to sign out manually from the top right corner and possibly reinstall the desktop client. You should also verify the behavior using Teams in a browser preferable using InPrivate / Incognito mode or using a new profile in the browser.

I've tried them all.
An invitation to a single domian address does not work for me.
Also within the organization's main address. Everything is different
That is, is not mine for this. is already good. And of course, it works with any other email address