Users appearing as Anonymous User (Guest) in Town Hall Q&A

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I am not sure if this is expected behavior or not as I cannot find any documentation related to this. When we host a town hall meeting, we are encountering an issue regarding the Q&A feature. When an external participant joins the meeting without signing in, and for example enters "John Doe" for the users name, when submitting a question in the Q&A section, the submission is displayed as from the user "Anonymous User (Guest)" and associated with the email "email address removed for privacy reasons" instead of the name I entered or my actual email address.


This behavior is different from when I invite the same external user to a regular teams meeting in which they appear as "John Doe" in the participant list and in chat.


I am seeking clarity on why the name and email address were not displayed as entered, and why they defaulted to anonymous settings despite providing identifiable information upon joining. Additionally, I would like to understand how to configure the settings to ensure that external participants' names and provided emails are correctly displayed when they participate in the Q&A. Any guidance or insights on how to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated.



Thank you!

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