Issue with team channel creation and SharePoint folder

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I've just noticed a small problem with teams creation and wondering if this is affecting anyone else.

We have an automated process that creates a project channel under each of our main client teams, each of the project channels get pre-populated with a folder structure, using power automate.


But it now seems this process is failing as the folder that gets created with a channel is no longer being created at channel creation stage, it only seems to appear when i open the channel and go into the files tab, it doesn't show in SharePoint at all until I do this.



Its a pretty big issue for my company as all our projects have pre-populated template folder structures that they need access too.


Is anyone else seeing this happen? I had a similar thing happen when creating a main team that the general folder wasn't being created until you went into the files, this resolved itself after putting a delay in and posting a message. But this still doesn't seem right.

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Hi, is this still an issue for you may I ask please?



I'm having this issue....


This is still an issue with us as well, the only way round it I've found is to create the folder first with the same name as the team, and then create the team making sure the names match exactly teams then picks up the folder. 

I've experienced the same problem the last month.