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My company has just switched over to M365 format. We had been using desktop Outlook previously that needed to be integrated with Google Apps when we had switched to that platform years ago. I am not an IT person, nor do I understand how this all works, but I am logical. In my not-so-tech language, our previous system was "mickey moused" to allow us to still use Outlook while on a Google Apps platform. There are 3 people in our office. Back then, it took a long time for us to be able to "share" a calendar (and we still had issues every now and again of one person placing something on the calendar that the other never saw). We were never able to share contacts (even though we wanted to). We each had our own list that we worked from. For quite some time, I kept importing and exporting contacts until I got tired of doing it.

Fast forward to a week ago, we were looking forward to having everything come together in 365. I explained to our IT rep that we have had these issues in the past and, although it's a very simple request, the main thing we are looking for in this conversion to M365 is to share a calendar that we can depend on and share contacts....Well, guess what happened?

After 3 days, he was finally able to get all 3 of us to share the same calendar in Outlook (although we need to switch from our default daily). We never did get our contacts. I imported what we each had from gmail over so we would have something.

My problem now is that when I go into Teams, it is still pointing at my previous* calendar and not the calendar that the IT rep finally made sharable to all of us. (*With Google, it seems that my calendar was used as the "primary" and I shared it with everyone. Therefore, on his first attempt, it was my calendar that was "shared". But he soon found out that what I put on the calendar was not going to my boss' calendar, so he needed to fix it). After a bunch of attempts, he settled on using my boss' calendar as the primary. I'm thinking that after he finally got it to work (fingers crossed) that he forgot to go back and change something and now my Teams calendar is the first attempt calendar and not the final. Does that make sense to anyone?

My question is how do I get it to point to the shared calendar (my boss's calendar)?

I am logged in with my 365 work account. I placed a specific icon for my work 365 so that I know which account I am in (that was another issue for later). My work icon does show on the Teams ribbon. However, there is an  "! in a triangle"    next to it. I am assuming this has something to do with the incorrect calendar.

I wish I knew where all of this "lives" so I can see the "tree" if you can understand that and find out where the break is.

Thanks for any help or direction you can give me!

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