Unwanted activity feed notifications from hidden channel

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I've tried several things to turn off notifications for a particular Teams channel, but in spite of that, every new post in the channel results in an entry in my activity feed. Doesn't matter if I have the channel hidden or shown. I have to show it to manipulate its channel notification settings, both of which (new posts, channel mentions) are set to Off. I haven't noticed this behavior with any other hidden channels.

Is this a bug, or am I misunderstanding something about how notifications or the activity feed work? This is version (64-bit) of the app, running on Windows 10.

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Can you take a snip of the activity feed that came in? Curious to see what Type it is first.

@Chris Webb 
Here's an example from just a little while ago:


I recently found out that numerous other people are having the same problem with this specific channel.


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That is the newer "Suggested" notification type. You can see it if you filter and click filter type in the activity feed and it's denoted by the lightbulb icon. These can be turned off by turning off the Suggested notification to Off in Notification settings.

Thanks, @Chris Webb, I'll try that. Any idea on what causes something to be flagged as "Suggested"?

I'm sure the only answer we will ever get to that question is "Office Graph Signals".

@Chris Webb  I'm getting unwanted activity from a hidden channel as well.  It's not the suggested ones you called out earlier.  These are chat responses from a meeting that is going on as part of that channel.  Any way to stop them?

Might have been a reoccuring meeting you joined at some point or something. Either way, you can go to the meeting post, the top most post and click ... and turn off notifications.

@Chris Webb  This is a reoccurring meeting that I did accept.  I only attend when I need to and it's not often.  I have the entire channel hidden so the notifications were off, or at least I thought.  It's a long thread so had to go back pretty far.  That one was already notification off.  But it looks like a new invite when out for the meeting at one point and once I found that one I was able to turn it off notifications the way you described.  I'll see later today if it works.

Thank you!