Unable to switch accounts since upgrading to Windows 11


Anyone else experience this?


When I try to switch I just get a spinning wheel that never goes anywhere.


I have to uninstall Teams completely and download it again to get it to work, but when I restart my laptop each day I get the same situation


Thanks for any advice


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@Wyn Hopkins Hey, I know others had this exact issue yesterday but not on a consistent basis as you describe. Besides the uninstall have you also removed cache files etc.?


Sounds like a mess tbh, if no standard troubleshooting works I would probably raise it to the Teams product team, either from within Teams, a ticket or the Teams MVP team (external).


But you can start with these perhaps?


Clear Teams cache - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

PowerShell script sample - Reset the autostart setting in Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


New user profile as a last resort.

Clearing the cache seemed to work, thanks. I'll see if it "sticks" when I restart later
No luck, issue returns on restart. It will allow me to switch from my main account to a guest account but then won't switch back. Clearing the cache fixes everything, I can happily switch but restarting computer reverts to same issue
Let me get back as you're not alone here. I'm following the other conversation as mentioned above. If you're up for it you can narrow it down by installing a later version, if it works then I suppose they will fix it with an update

When forcing another version you will end up in your designated update ring after the standard update interval At least that's what I've been experiencing.