Video Recordings with PowerPoint Live in Teams Blanking out Text

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We've had 3 instances of recording a Teams Meeting where the presenter used PowerPoint Live and the screen went dark except for some text box outlines. I was able to replicate it. Here is a screenshot of one of the slides in the recording. No text is visible at all.  Sometimes only headings show up. Sometimes it works. 

Is anyone at MS working on this? It could be a great feature if it worked consistently. 




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@shaynetrain I assume those boxes are part of your slides ?


The recording is mad by a Bot that connects to the meeting, it would seem likely that there is something about your PowerPoint slide designs that it's renderer for the recording doesn't like. If you use a simple blank side does it record as expected? Maybe you can find a way to rebuild a template that avoids the issue.


Does seem like a fault in the recording service so do raise a ticket to Microsoft to report it, they won't pick up on it from here.

Thank you, Steven. it happened to a number of people (including me) when using PowerPoint within Teams. I think I narrowed it down to Present Live and was able to recreate it. Some of the slides were simple text boxes on a slide, nothing fancy. I've escalated it with our university IT team who will contact Microsoft on our behalf. Thank you for your response.

@shaynetrain did you manage to find a solution for this issue? Our IT team got similar complaints from some users, and I see there are discussions in the internet as well.

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I apologize for not posting earlier. There is definitely a glitch and our Microsoft support reached out to them. Microsoft said that they are already aware of the issue and working on a fix. 

The issue with the black slides appearing in meeting recordings is happening with PowerPoint decks that have transparent backgrounds. This is because PowerPoint Live in Teams displays the slides over a black background by default in meeting recordings. So, when a slide deck uses no background or a transparent background, the items in the slide deck show the default black background.
A workaround to this issue is for presenters to ensure they format the slide backgrounds so that they are white with no transparency. To do this:
    • Right click on a blank area of any slide in your slide deck. Select Format Background from the menu that appears. shaynetrain_0-1654800575026.png


    • On the right side of the screen a Format Background menu should open up. It will probably look blank like the one in this screenshot.
      •  shaynetrain_1-1654800575028.png


    • From this menu, select Solid fill. Choose the colour (in most cases this will be white unless someone wants a fun background). Make sure the transparency is set to 0%. When done, click Apply to All to set the background for all slides in the deck. 
      • shaynetrain_2-1654800575029.png


    • Save the updated PowerPoint presentation. It should now record properly!
Fantastic! Thanks a lot for replying soon and in so detailed manner!