Un-deletable call queue when attached to a private channel

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Hi All,


I think I have found a bug in O365 Ms teams Powershell/Admin centre where you cannot delete a call queue once attached a to private channel


Steps to reproduce:


1. Create a Team

2. Create a private channel within that team

3. Using powershell New-CsCallQueue with params DistributionLists, ChannelId and ChannelUserObjectId attach it to private channel created above (note you cannot do this via the Teams admin as the private channel doesn't show)


Once created if you try to Remove-CsCallQueue it fails with error: 

You are not allowed to set callableChannel property. [channel_thread_id=19:XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX@thread.skype, call_queue_id=, user_mri=8:orgid:XXXXXXXX-98ef-45e0-ab8e-XXXXXXXXX, status_code=Forbidden, reason_phrase=Forbidden]

If you try and delete it via Teams Admin Centre it fails with 500 internal server error and in the network trace returns the same error.


Things I have tried;

- Teams Admin (same issue)

- Global Admin (same issue)

- Making my admin account an owner of the Team/Channel (same issue)


The only thing I haven't tried is deleting the Team/Channel which I can't do as its being used.


I raised a case to delete the call queue but MS having trouble deleting it as well


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@dappleby300260  We ask that users report bugs and make feature requests on our Uservoice feedback forum  so they get reported directly to the engineering team.  Thank you.

Finally managed to delete it with a long support case.

We had to create a new user with Teams license and in Teams only mode. Add it as the owner of the team, then as the owner of the private channel (so it can access the content of the private channel). Add it as a global admin. Wait 24 hours and then logging in as this account to Teams Admin Portal I was able to delete the call queue.

@dappleby300260 where can you retrieve the parameters DistributionLists, ChannelId and ChannelUserObjectId, needed to attach the call queue to the private channel via Powershell? Thank you in advance