Share to teams not working (from both outlook and web outlook)

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I can't get the "Share to teams" to work.   In outlook I get the Error "

We could not share the mail. Try sharing it again."
If I try from the  the webmail I get that: "this account don't suppport sharing to teams"  or something like that.     What do I need to turn on to havfe this working?
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Here you will find a description to solve the problem. May it's just one of these settings missing.

@MangeH73 I have a similar issue to you.  I get the same error message as you when sharing from my outlook desktop app, but it works when I share from web outlook.  Others in my organisation are able to share the same team with no issues from their desktop app.  We are all on the latest version of Office and Teams.

@EnricoBeyer This article is not relevant to the question about - Share to Teams not working.  Your article is about sharing from Teams to Outlook.  The problem is inside of Outlook - using the new Share to Teams connection is not working & is giving the error message reported.


We need a Microsoft expert to report an answer. I will be submitting a support ticket to Microsoft.

@MangeH73 Hello, see this article for more information about the prerequisites. If I would guess in your case it has been disabled (referring to the prompt you get).

Share to Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs 


Adding this only for the topic (as it involves Share to Teams issues) 

@EnricoBeyer No Problem - So much new stuff being pushed out by MS all the time!

@MangeH73 I have the same issue only I dont get any error message just that the email doesnt share which is quite frustrating as it was working previoulsy but now it seems to have stopped.  I will look to raise a ticket regarding this issue as well.