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My team works with internal and external Microsoft employees and vendors. We have people off-network (emails other than who collaborate on files with us. They have full access and can navigate to the folders within Teams to open the shared files, but if they try to click URL links to shared files/directories, they get errors. Is there a way around this, or is this a known issue that is being resolved?



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Hi @AlexChak , I'm not sure I understand. They can see the files in Teams but not view them?


I'm not sure I'm following exactly where these files are located.

Hi Steven.

They can navigate to the directories within Teams (Teams channel/Files/file) and open the files that are hosted on the Teams SharePoint sites. But if we try to copy links to the same files or folders and send them the URL of those links, the links don't work. This only happens for Teams members who don't have email addresses.

Does that make sense?