Teams Response code 410

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Teams Response code 410
jvcv99_0-1620312812395.pngWe're seeing more and more Team calls dropping due to response code 410.

Does anyone have an idea what this means other than Teams dropped the call?

Teams dropped this user and another at the same time and same meeting.


These users are on our internal network with QOS configured, Firewalls configured.


Any logs I can look at for this time and date? If so where are they located?

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If a user actually has a dropped call, you can have them use ctrl+alt+shift+1 on their keyboard to create log files in their downloads directory (see ) You can look at the log files and see if there are any further details in there.

Are you using Direct Routing or Microsoft Calling plans? If Direct Routing, do you see the same return calls on the SBC?

Hi @jvcv99  Please check out the rather lengthy "best response" in this previous community post regarding response code 410: Teams call end with error code 410 - Microsoft Tech Community


There are other resources on the Internet if you search for Teams response code 410 (they are not Microsoft resources so I'm not able to verify them).