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Our company uses Lucid Chart for org charts but it has it's limitations with not being dynamic.


Our HR team say the problem is that teams chart can be out of date as it's not reflective of what is in out HR data base with our joiners, movers and leavers process. 


1. Question, is can we do some sort of integration between our HR database(IFS10) and Teams so we can use the Teams Org Visual?


2. Also, is it possible to extract hierarchy data from MS teams either as a file or a picture?





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@rosscortb The Teams view is just a representation of the directory view from Entra ID (Azure AD). This is perhaps synchronised from your AD if you have Azure AD Connect.


It's basically all just built from recording the manager of each user, that builds the structure. Lots of people sync this data from HR to AD to make it accurate, depends on your HR system, some do it for you.


You could take a screenshot from Teams I guess, but that would only be a section of the complete chart. If you use something like Visio it has a wizard to build an org chart straight from AD which would be the same data.