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Hi @all, 
In our organization, we have created apps to take people poll/option of getting daily option for food, like below 

Team app will do,

STEP1: user need to send hi to app

STEP2: app will reply with Yes/No to select food for tommorow

STEP3: user need to reply by selecting yes/no in the chart.


I would like to automate this reply to this app which is created by our org.


Could you confirm me in this how can i create the app or make auto reply to the app?



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Hi @karthick2325,


for you to automate replies to an app in Microsoft Teams, you have two options: using a custom bot or creating Microsoft Power Automate flow.

1. Custom Bot: You can build a custom bot using the Microsoft Bot Framework. This involves creating a bot that interacts with users, receives their responses, and sends automated replies based on predefined rules or logic. You would define the conversation flow, handle user messages, and integrate the bot with Teams. Building a custom bot requires development skills and knowledge of the Bot Framework.

Bot Framework SDK documentation - Bot Service | Microsoft Learn

2. Power Automate: automate replies without custom bot development. You can set up a flow that monitors a Teams channel for incoming messages, checks for specific keywords or phrases, and sends automated replies to the app. 

Power Automate-Dokumentation - Power Automate | Microsoft Learn

Bot Framework SDK documentation - Bot Service | Microsoft Learn

Both options have their advantages: a custom bot provides more flexibility and customization, while Power Automate offers a simplified approach with pre-built connectors and a visual interface.

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