Teams Notification Integration with Mac OS Notifications--is is missing?

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Hello All,  Teams banners are not showing up in Apple Notifications:

On Catalina: 10:15:5,

MS Teams (from MS Office 365),  Version


I am getting banners, for the requisite 5 seconds, but when I go to pull down the Mac OS Notifications list, it is not listed there. 


When I go to "System Preferences"-->"Notifications", I don't see "Teams" listed.  Should I?


I feel it should be integrated with the Mac notification so that the Teams' notifications can be viewed after the 5 second banner disappears, and also in the order received with other notifications.  If I miss that 5 second display (maybe I had an alternate desktop obscuring the banner), it's essentially lost to me.


Thanks for you time/help.


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@JustaUser Hi there - this is currently on the Roadmap to be rolled out this month:  Feature ID: 66743


Attached is a pic of what the Teams notifications settings looked like in an early preview of MacOS native notifications in Teams.  Once that rolls out you will be good to go :)

@Ethan Stern 

Even better design than I envisioned.

Now, if you're just better at estimating time to delivery than I am....

thanks so for the update.

@JustaUser No problem.  I am glad I could help - I am really looking forward to the feature too- super helpful!

@Ethan Stern You mentioned some months ago that this feature is on the Roadmap to be rolled out soon? Do you also know what happened in the meantime and if this is still planned to be rolled out in the near future? I still do not see the option which you provided by your early preview screenshot.

@jengelhardt Hi there, sorry for the delay- I was on vacation :)  The roadmap was updated and it looks like this will roll out by the end of December


Microsoft Teams: MacOS native notifications in Teams

Users can now chose to deliver Microsoft Teams notifications via macOS native notifications.

  • Feature ID: 66743

@Ethan Stern Thank you for the reply. In the meantime, I also found the corresponding roadmap item which you also mentioned:


I'm very awaiting this to do not miss important messages from teams anymore. With native notifications I can at least configure them to do not disappear after some time.

Maybe this will be a nice Christmas gift or at least a good start for the New Year.

I’m a rather excited user waiting for this too. Switched back to mac despite a full ms-stack at work and realised yesterday I’m missing ALL incoming chats and calls and I’m looking unresponsive. Thank you for your help




Has this been rolled out yet? I am still not seeing this option under Team's Notifications settings.




I am having the same problem. Constantly missing notifications on teams because they are still not native and I do not have an option to choose native either. This is horrible.

@Ethan Stern 



After all this time, what's the status with those native macOS notifications?
Still working on it? 

Don't you have enough macOS software engineers?  ;)

Luca Severini

@JustaUser, agreed - it is becoming frustrating having the Teams notifications and pop-ups expire when away from my machine, when integration with MacOS notifications would allow a persistent notification that could not be missed.  I've always found it interesting that Outlook and the rest of the office suite is well-integrated while other Microsoft products are not...for example in outlook the settings are found under the drop down menu in the menu bar, while teams settings are found under the profile section of the teams window itself...this creates very little consistency from a users point of view.

Would love to see this implemented!! Non-native Teams notifications are pretty hacky. Please count this as a vote to develop this for release.

@Ethan Stern Any chance this is coming soon? By soon, I mean in the next week or two. My company's switching from Skype/Teams hybrid to Teams only next month and I'm afraid I'll be missing messages.

I'm already missing some messages when i'm switch between macos desktops( Waiting so much...
Is this being rolled out any time soon, or is there some way to get on an early beta testers software update track to gain early access to this feature?



For anyone interested it looks like an anticipated February release of this feature is just around the corner:



Hope it's a short corner :D

@UmutUclerIt was just around the corner in October too.  Must be a wide arc!
MS, it has been demonstrated, has the same estimating issues as practically all developers do, they just operate on a different scale.

I am a "me too" on this.  I often have 1 or 2 notifications sitting in the corner of my primary display waiting for me to do something before I acknowledge.  Microsoft Teams notifications show up in the same corner of the same screen, BEHIND native mac OS notifications, so I cannot see the Teams notifications.


At a minimum, Teams should allow me to configure notifications to a different location.  Ideally Teams would use the native mac OS notification system.