Teams Chat External Members - Mobile vs Desktop and External Members

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We're having ongoing issues connecting to external members of our Teams in chat.


Our organization has about half of our team as external contractors from another org so half the team is at a second domain.


We have all the members of the 2nd domain as Members. Ie I toggled them from Guests to Members in Azure directory. They all have Teams licenses in their 'home' domain.


On Desktop - we can tag any of them no worries. Typing in their name after @ finds them immediately and we can tag them. In Chat however, typing in their name results in not finding anyone. I can type their full email and we can chat with them as an external person but then the chat is in their other domain, not our domain.


On Mobile however, this is not an issue. Any of our members can be found in chat, and in fact we can't even add them to chat with externally.


On Desktop, I can go into Manage Team, find the member (from external domain), click on them to get their info and then Chat with them and then it opens up their chat no worries. Just can't actually start the chat from the Chat window.. Becoming quite an issue as half our team is struggling to connect to the other half.


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