Teams Calling - Is someone calling my line or the shared line?!?

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Hi all, 

I have a direct line and also receive calls to a shared line. 

Is there a way to see what line is being called? (Are they calling me or are they calling the shared line).

I've tested both and calls present themselves the same (as in, there appears to be no obvious giveaway as what line is being called). 



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What method are you receiving the call? Via a physical Teams device, or Teams software? When you say "shared line", can you clarify what that means to you? I assume a call queue? Teams should show you the call is destined to a queue or auto attendant. I'll grab a screen shot tomorrow if I remember.



I obviously didn't remember.  Today I did.  Here's what I see when a call comes into a call queue in the toast pop-up.  The view looks similar in the main client as well.  I don't have a physical phone to test with at the moment to get a picture of that.  Calls coming in on behalf of somebody else have a similar appearance.