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With the Team Calendar I created for a group. Is there a way to setup a potential flow to do approvals with it? To approve the time off request on the calendar per say.

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@ksclifton Do you have this doc? Approvals in Microsoft Teams - Power Automate | Microsoft Docs


If it doesn't answer your question and this community can't assist, you may want to open a ticket at, where authorized Microsoft agents can answer any variety of questions.

Thank you for the response. I have looked into this and have forwarded the information. I am waiting to hear back if this is what the user is looking for.
I don't think the Teams Calendar is a good fit here for the approvals scenario you have in mind...of course I think it's loadable to try Power Automate to build that scenario, but I believe you are going to find some blocking issues here. Going through the Aprovals App in Teams however is interesting
The team I sent the information to said they didn't have the permissions to use it with the Teams calendar. I am looking into that now.