Teams backgrounds all deleted

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I went to use a custom background in teams this morning ('New' Teams) only to find that it and the 20 or so uploaded backgrounds were no longer there, although there were a raft of new MS-provided backgrounds.

The AppData\roaming\microsoft\teams\backgrounds\uploads folder had been completely emptied out.

The functionality is still there - I can upload and apply new backgrounds without any issue. 


Apart from trying out the 'new' UI, I've made no changes and there have been no admin changes.


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Hi @PWheeler 


New Teams uses a different folder for storing custom backgrounds, and they are not automatically moved when switching to the new client.
Although I have experienced the same that old client's folder was cleaned, probably when switching between accounts a few times. But when now testing switching client version, all backgrounds remained.

New location for backgrounds is: c:\Users\<User>\AppData\Local\Packages\MSTeams_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Microsoft\MSTeams\Backgrounds\Uploads.

Thanks @Matti_Paukkonen 

Looks like that's what happened. Annoying, I'd put a lot of work into some of those backgrounds, I was quite proud of the animated ones :) 

One of those things I suppose - I need to get better at doing local profile backups

Hi, is there any way to get the old background pictures back? When I try, I get an error about the size of the pictures. I also have New MS Teams on Windows 10.