How to join a Microsoft Teams Town Hall from a Cisco Codec

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I regularly support virtual events and I am used to being able to dial-in to Teams from a meeting room remotely using Cisco Webex encoders. The process is usually straightforward, as a Teams meeting invite usually includes information for VC devices, with an address that can easily be copied into the codec's back end interface. 


However, we have recently migrated over to Teams Town Halls, and I am unable to find any of the information I need to be able to join in this way, as the invite only provides you with a single URL that is difficult to extrapolate information from. 


Does anybody have any advice as to how this might be achieved? 

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follwing this thread as i need to ask the exact same question - how do i join from a codec - where do i find the meeting ID i would need to join from a Sip based device?

@Laura_Bennett hey Laura, as far as I’m aware it just isn’t possible right now. Microsoft seemingly haven’t provided SIP support for Town Halls. The way I have gotten around is to have a separate call/Teams meeting for presenters to dial into, which also provides SIP for meeting rooms, and then connect that call to the Town Hall using video software like vMix/OBS with NDI enabled in the meeting, and then connecting to another device running the Town Hall and inputting the signal via a webcam adaptor. It is complicated and not pretty, but it’s the only way that has worked for me.