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I am wanting to create a new Team either from a template or from another Team.  I want the pinned messages in the General Channel to be part of the template, but they are not.  If this isn't possible, and I'm thinking it is not, is there a way to add a disclaimer (company confidential) that would display on new Teams using the template?



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Maybe you can build a Power Automate flow?
There is an action "post message in a chat or channel" from the Microsoft Teams connector. Suddenly, there is no trigger "when a new team is created" from Microsoft Teams, but you can build manually triggered flow, or find another trigger that fits your needs.

Or here is described how to build a Teams template with a Welcome message
I just don't really the the point in creating a Teams Template, it doesn't give you the option to include content or members. Makes more sense to use the option to create a Teams from another Teams. Template are somewhat useless, could and should do a lot more.