Teams CQD for Power BI (QER 4.9)

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Public service announcement, the Power BI templates for Teams Call Quality Dashboard have been silently updated. The QER template in the pack has been updated to 4.9. I follow Matt Wade's GitHub (GitHub - MattWade-MS/QER: Repository for CQD templates) but nothing new has been posted there in a while. Anyway, the package was updated on 2/7/2024 (Download CQD Power BI Query Templates from Official Microsoft Download Center) and the release notes for QER 4.9 are:



The following updates/issues were addressed in this version.


Search page has been updated to include Teams Events. Filter for Meeting Type added to make it easier to find Teams Events. Drill through to Event Health Details added.

Teams Events Overview

New Teams Events Overview report includes information about the Teams Events usage, includes a quick view of Events hosted in the last 7 days.

Event Health Details

Drill through report for Teams Events includes information on both Presenters and Attendees.

VDI Clients

New report for users on VDI clients.

New Teams Usage

New Teams client usage report for Mac and Windows.


General fixes to PSTN reports to address changes in telemetry. Fixes to some of the formulas.

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