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I'm a Mac user (MacbookPro Mac Os 13.5.1 (22G90) and I cannot access a specific Teams account.

2 other Teams accounts I can access without problems.

I use this specific account with my clients and I cannot access neither on web browsers, nor on desktop app: I always get error, "there are problems, try to reconnect"

It'a real big problem because I share files, chats and everything with my client.

It has worked without problems until last week. Out of the blue it stopped working.


I uninstalled the app, I cleared cache, cookies everything... I followed instructions I found on the Internet... nothing.


Thank you for 


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I know this isn't a fix but it might help you get into client tenants and be able to switch to other tenants assuming that your account you are talking about has valid license etc. and something didn't happen to the actual account is get with a tenant you are a guest in. Have them right click a channel and "Get link to channel" Have them Share that link with you.

I've had success with using direct links to channels to get in. Then you should be able to switch to other tenants. I have an account right now that I can't access the home tenant on, just my guest tenants and haven't been able to, or really tried to figure it out yet.