How long is Teams Approvals history available in Approvals App?

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We like Approvals, but would like to know how long users can see approvals requested or submitted by them in their Approval app history?

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Hi @DJTrustGod  Currently, flow runs time-out after 30 days, causing any pending steps (like approvals) to time-out as well.While this isn’t a problem for most approvals, there are cases where responding to an approval can take longer than 30 days.  Check this out: Build long-running Approval Flows - Power Platform Community (

@ThereseSolimeno   I am not referring to how a running Flow persists, but rather how long completed Flow history is retained in the recently released Teams Approvals.   As indicated in the admin docs the Teams Approvals App consolidates all Flow approval history received or sent by users.

@DJTrustGod Hi, did you ever get an answer to this question?

@ThereseSolimeno could you please give a reply on the the question of @DJTrustGod and @AgriMike, or indicate where we could find the answer for this? Thank you
Yes, please provide an answer. If we want to use approvals for audit purposes, it would not be good if they disappeared after 30 days!

I am looking for the answer for same question but it seems nobody have the answer :hearteyes: 



I can say from my side that we have been using this in our organization and the history is available since the first approval request. Not sure of the specification though, and what should be expected.

Yes, the history are still there from begining but I am expecting to keep the history in short term only, may be a month or 2 weeks, how can do that, please advise. Thanks