Logitech Tap Display Error in MTR using Lenovo Thinksmart Core

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Hello! I believe this is a known issue, I was just wondering if anyone had found a permanent fix for this. We have several MTRs currently experiencing the issue where the Logitech Tap goes black and the 'call menu' display that is usually on the Tap goes to the main display in the room. The only quick fix I have found for this is to perform a restart, this brings back the displays correctly but the issue usually re-occurs the next day or day after. I have followed Logitech instructions by updating the Display Link driver, updating Tap firmware and even have been told that the PoE adaptor needs to be plugged into the USB 3.0 port on the computer so have ensure that is the case but I am still getting this issue with some of our rooms. We have a few Google Meet rooms with the Taps installed and these have never had the problem, so I think it's a Microsoft or Lenovo issue as we are using a Thinksmart Core. Has anyone found a permanent fix for this yet?


This is a post for the same problem- but none of the resolutions there helped us:

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