Tasking Source Help in "Tasks by Planner and To Do"

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Hello All,


I have set up 10+ channels in a Team with a task tab in each channel.


The idea is that I want to be able to go to the task tab for the chosen channel and task someone. 


Then, they have Tasks by Planner and To Do pinned on the left taskbar, so the tasked user can click that, go to "Assigned to me", and then see the task, see the source, and see the urgency/due date.


However, when I task people this way, when they go to see their "Assigned to me", it shows the task name but the source just says Tasks.


Even more strangely, I did a test where I tasked myself 3 things, tasked 4 other people 3 things. Results: For myself and 1 person, we could see the tasks and source as intended.


For 2 people, it only shows "Tasks" as the source.


For the last person, it showed "Tasks" as the source for 2 out of 3 tasks (1 was correctly displaying source). Then he re-logged and checked the tasks again. It then became 3 out of 3 tasks are showing source "Task".

I am so confused what's going on here. Can anyone share some insight? What's with the inconsistency?


As you can imagine the task is useless if you have 10+ channels and the task says "Make a presentation" but you don't know for which channel.


Thank you,


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@BrandonLuxe - when you created the tab, it sounds like you chose the option to 'Create a new plan' and left the Tab name as "Tasks".


This means a new "plan" was created named "Tasks" and this is where the tasks will be stored (and referenced as the source). If your users are using the Tasks by Planner and To Do personal app (in the sidebar), it should also reference the team and channel name as well. 


If not, you can rename the existing plans (list of tasks) without altering the tab name in the channel.


  1. Go to: tasks.office.com
  2. Select the plan you want to rename
  3. Select the title of plan and rename it

The changes may take a few minutes to update across Teams/To-Do/Planner etc but it should work for you. People may need to refresh their apps/sites.