Still Connecting to Remote Devices. Calling isn't Avaliable yet.

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I'm having an issue where a number of users are coming back to the office to work at their desks, when they're trying to call people or join meetings they are getting an error saying:

"There's a problem with your connection.

Still connecting to remote devices. Calling isn't available yet."


I originally thought that maybe the user had an active remote session at home, after checking any active remote sessions and even doing a reboot of the system this error still comes up. I've uninstalled Teams and reinstalled it, disconnected all devices and plugged them back in but still nothing.


We're currently using VMWare Horizon as our remote solution, this error only started happening after teams pushed out the Horizon performance update. The only way I've been able to fix this issue is to uninstalled the Horizon Agent from the users desktop but I obviously don't want to be uninstalling and reinstalling Horizon Agent every time a user comes into the office to work.


Has anyone else seen this issue and managed to fix it?

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Just an Update on this for any others who have this issue in the future, I contacted VMWare support and went through some troubleshooting with them.


Turns out we had a GPO that was applying the following setting to our physical desktops

Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > VMware View Agent Configuration > VMware HTML5 Features > VMware WebRTC Redirection Features > Enable Media Optimization for Microsoft Teams


This policy should only be applied to VDIs and not to physical desktops, removing this policy has resolved the issue I've been having, alternatively for a quick fix you can go to the following registy and change the value to 0 to disable this feature

“HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\VMware, Inc.\VMware WebRTCRedir” teamsEnabled

Really appreciate the follow-up post with your fix. :)
This solution worked like a charm. Applied the registry key change, and rebooted. Teams connects fine now.