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In a school meeting, some rogue user joined a Meeting through the invite link without singing in (In the Guest Way). In this way one can join from a edge browser by inputting any name he/she wants and has the freedom of not signing in. Is there any ways MS keeps the record of this guest attendees like thier details such as IP Address or MAC Address of the device being used to enter the meeting.
Please help in a serious issue and I have been framed by my college authorities and suspended.
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I Teams Admin Center you can open the report of the meeting and check the debug log, you should see the Connectivity_RemoteAddress there, but the last octet will be masked, ex. 10.10.10.x. But this might give you some indications.

So to get the full IP address you can contact Microsoft Support and they might be able to help you.
Hello Linus
I don't see it in the debug log of the meeting report, as I have already mentioned the user is not having a teams account or hasn't signed in.
For reference could you share a screenshot of example where a guest user id details is visible.

Thank you so much for the help.

On the topic let me just add that the anonymous user will always have the prefix (Guest) when joining even though entering with a random name. Perhaps your school should consider not allowing anonymous join to Teams meetings, but if you don't want to do that at least set the lobby to not allow anonymous users to bypass the lobby and use the Teams roles.

Hello Christian
Thanks a lot for your response, yes the school authorities have now been informed of the same and they will be doing the needful in order to avoid anonymous attendes in the future.
In the mean time it would be really helpful if you could tell, is there really any way the anonymous user can be tracked or gotten hold off. It's really important to me as the college authorities have accused me of sending those messages.

Thanks in advance for the help.

@Satwikpradhan Hello, you need to enter TAC - Dashboard - Users - Meetings & calls - View session details (for the anonymous user) - Advanced. Here you will see the IP address, along with other data.

Hello I can't seem to find the advanced tab anywhere.
Kindly help.
All I can see is this.
Simply click on the link next to the anonymous user.