Recording chat interactions as part of Teams video recording

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As part of training videos I create, I need to be able to record all chat interactions as part of the Teams video recording. By design all chat interactions are recorded into a text file (chat history). What I need though is to be able to include all chat interactions natively inside the video recording. I need the same for all polls which I run during the training session.


Does anyone know if this is supported by Teams at this point or if it has been requested as a new feature?

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Hi @stefanosevangelou  Take a look at item #3 in this recent article - is this what you're looking for? The 10 best new Microsoft Teams meeting features | Computerworld


Thank you for the reply. No, real time transcriptions is not what i am looking for. Transcriptions capture the participants voice and transform it into text. What I actually need is the ability to capture the chat interactions between participants into the Teams video recording. Currently it seems that this is not supported. 

Actually this is a regression compared to MS Lync, where the chat was part of the recorded video.