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I have teams running on my Linux box, and recently links to teams in the form no longer give me the choice to use the app or run teams inside the browser. A choice appears briefly, but the selection to use the browser version happens before I can do anything.

Is there a way to let me make the choice? I'd rather run the app than the clunky version inside the browser. (same behavior whether I use Chrome or Firefox, btw)

The same link when using a browser on a Windows box let me chose app or browser.

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@Sylvain_Korzennik Microsoft stopped supporting and updating the native Teams client for Linux last year, so it makes sense for meetings to now prefer to open in the browser. I imagine you'll continue to see a degradation of features.


Browser is now the only supported option on Linux, I guess there simply wasn't enough usage to make it worth keeping up to date.

@Steven Collier Thx - disappointing but not surprising.

I just found, and indeed looks like as of Dec 2022, MS is dropping support for Teams under Linux.