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What i would like to do is set up a wallboard or visual representation of incoming calls, calls waiting in queues, longest wait time etc.  basic call monitoring stuff... Are there apps out there that people are currently using or can anyone give some pointers on how to get this done, either via Power BI or any other method.

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I think everyone is waiting for the APIs for this, when that is available we will see third-party applications for this. I'm not sure when but since attendant and call center solutions for Teams will be available early 2020 (I think) I guess APIs for call queues that gives this information might be available then too.

It looks like these guys do something in that space -
Anywhere is also waiting for the APIs, at least when I spoke to them last time. They are still using Skype for Business server for calls and queues but they can route the calls to an agent using Teams.

I can confirm that. Everybody in our industry (reporting for Sfb and Teams) is waiting for MS to release the Teams API.

So as we speak information on Call Queues is not available in Teams yet. O365 customers who have been migrated to Teams cannot report on the queues any longer which is a big problem for many of them. Via a workaround and by reporting on the agents in the queues they can have some of the needed information.

If you want I can put you on the list to inform you when the API is released and we have integrated it in MAF ICIMS. If so please drop me an email at frank(at)

For more information on MAF ICIMS reporting for Skype for Business (and Teams)


Frank Looijesteijn, MAF InfoCom

@Frank Looijesteijn Have you received any news about realtime call stats 



Hi Karthik,


No not yet. At the moment we only get CDR's from Teams. But we can show you dashboards with almost real time information (expected delay between 1-5 minutes). At the moment a call is finished MS send us a signal de information is ready, we collect and process it and then make it immediately available.


So I think the Real Time will still take a while as the API for the CDR's also took quite long.

But as soon as there is news I'll try to post it here, and it will be than udner news on our website 

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So as an ad on to this and my earlier post from above we now have a full working reporting solution for Teams, we can report on everything: Calls, numbers, durations, ringtimes, call queues, AA, conferences, usage, devices etc. Basicly everything you need except real time (for now). For a demo MAF ICIMS reporting for Teams

@Ben_Rooke we see the statistics now back again in the Beta version of Teams Powershell

Hi guys,

Forgot to update here but since january we also offer real time wallboards and precence for Teams Call queues and auto attendants:


Free 30 day trial: