Please can there be the ability to hide self view in Teams calls

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Not sure if this is the right forum for this, but please please please can the feature of being able to hide self view while on a Teams call be implemented. 


All the other key video call platforms have this as a feature and it's invaluable. 

Having a little box of your own head bobbing around in the corner of every call is so distracting.


There are people who struggle with their self image, or have other reasons as to why they don't want to be presented with their image all day long in meetings e.g. someone with gender dysphoria, and it would be a massive benefit if the simple option of hiding self view was available. 


Thank you :)


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@Catherine91 It's coming, hide your own video was announced at the recent Ignite conference and is expected by 'Early 2022'. There is also going to be a feature that allows you to replace your video with an avatar which you can design and will react based on your behavior coming later in the year.


See the third animation down at Microsoft Ignite Fall 2021: Innovations coming to Microsoft Teams



I'm confused can't you just turn off you're camera when joining?
Or you mean have your camera on but not see yourself type of thing I assume?
Didn’t you read the replies here? ;D
Yeah. I get the avatar thing but I guess I don’t understand the roadmap features point 🤷‍:male_sign:
Never mind it was late. I get it now. :face_with_tears_of_joy:. It’s what I thought it was :p.

@Chris Webb No worries mate, been there done that. That's what happens when you're doing work everywhere all of the time 🥴