Owners in Private Channels cannot see members of Private Channel

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We have a number of private channels and one of the owners (call them Owner 1) in the channel cannot see any members. If we change one of the other owners to just a member then for some reason Owner 1 can then see the members again? Doing a search I came across a similar issue raised in the Microsoft communities early last year and it seems that the only fix was to remove the owner from the channel, then get another owner to add them back and make them an owner again? Is that the only way? US there any explanation for why this happens in the first place and is there a less manual way to resolve the issue?
Thanks in advance for any assistance or input.
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Hi @Clive_Massyn

there is a global issue (advisory) in the Microsoft 365 admin  center service health regarding the issue you are having:


You Microsoft 365 Administrator can click on the Are you experience this issue? to report this issue to Microsoft.

Administrator should be able to see the correct counts through Microsoft Teams admin center.

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Leon Pavesic

Thanks Leon, that sounds promising. Hopefully that does resolve our current situation but we will only be able to tell after the fix has been deployed.