Teams Members not able to access the channels they have been previously been able to see...

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On behalf of my organisation (a dance studio) I have set up the General Team that everyone has been added to as a guest (because the organisation is quite small) and so they don't have to create new microsoft accounts. In addition to the general team, I have created separate private channels for each troupe, so that content from classes can be shared to that channel only.


Up until last week all members could see the General Team and the channels they were added to and the content in it. On Friday evening, I went into the Azure Directory to update the Display names for all members as they had previously automatically defaulted displays according to what was in their email address rather than names. Since I have gone and updated this information, many members have expressed that they can no longer access their allocated channels. The only other change I made was to update some of the guests (other staff from the studio) to admins and owners, but none of them know how to change any settings, and some of them are even saying they can't see the groups they previously had access to...


I've tried reaching out through the help/support contacts through the admin centre, but not much response has been offered thus far., 


Can someone help me? The channels are not hidden, but they are private.

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Hi @DanceMajic 

I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with Microsoft Teams and the channels in your dance studio's organization. While I can't directly resolve the problem for you, I can provide some general guidance on troubleshooting steps you can take to address the issue:

1. Verify permissions: Double-check the permissions assigned to the different user roles in the General Team and private channels. Ensure that the necessary permissions are granted for accessing and viewing the channels.

2. Check channel settings: Review the channel settings for each private channel and ensure that the appropriate members and guest access have been configured. Confirm that the affected members are still listed as members of their allocated channels.

3. Guest access settings: Make sure that the guest access settings for the General Team and private channels are properly configured. Guests should have access to the relevant channels as intended.

4. Communicate with affected members: Reach out to the members who are experiencing issues and gather more information about their specific problems. Ask them to provide detailed descriptions of what they see or don't see when they access Teams. This information can be helpful for troubleshooting.

5. Clear cache and refresh: Instruct affected members to clear their browser cache and refresh their Teams application. Sometimes, caching issues can cause inconsistencies in accessing channels or seeing updated information.

6. Test from different devices and platforms: Ask the affected members to try accessing Teams and the channels from different devices (computers, mobile devices) and different platforms (web, desktop app). This can help identify if the problem is specific to certain devices or platforms.

7. Seek Microsoft support: Continue reaching out to Microsoft's support channels for assistance. Follow up with your previous support requests and provide them with any additional information or details they may need to investigate the issue further.

Remember, these steps provide general guidance and may not address the specific cause of the problem you're facing. Microsoft's support team should be able to provide more tailored assistance once they have a chance to investigate the issue.




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