New Versions of Teams Machine-Wide Installer Not Respecting Timezone Redirect

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We've been using Teams Machine-Wide Installer on WVD for about 5 months now, and have been stuck using an old version of the installer. Because we have users in multiple parts of the world we use the Time Zone Redirection GPO, but if we update to any version of Teams above the app stops respecting that and all chat times are based on the VM's time instead of the incoming user's redirected time. Tried out 2160 vs the 4461 on the Teams VDI Installation link I see newer ones are checking TimeZoneKeyName to pick up the time zone code while the older one doesn't appear to. Tried it on a newer 8863 and got the same result (2160 on top and 8863 on bottom):


Changing the timezone code in TimeZoneKeyName does update the chat times for the users, but considering I can have one in Texas and one in Honduras I can't reasonably set them all to EST. I've opened a case with Microsoft, but has anyone else run into anything similar with the Machine-Wide Installer?

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Microsoft confirmed it is a known issue slated to be corrected in the June 20th release.

@ScriptingJAK - The Known issues page for Teams on VDI was updated over the weekend to list this.

Known issues and limitations
Client deployment, installation, and setup

  • Teams currently only shows the UTC time zone in chat, channels, and calendar.

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Good day do you have any updates on this issue as we are still having this issue even after using the latest MSI, 

Originally I was told the fix would coincide with the GA release of the Teams AV optimizations. That's still in preview at the moment and it's been taken off the WVD roadmap, so your guess on an ETA is as good as mine.


I see , i guess we have to stick with this version as this is the only one that works for us regarding the calendar Timezone issue

Thank you like I mentioned in the post should be the latest I know of before the UAT breaking changes, but I'm not sure how much you'd get out of the update from what you're using.

@nikko1  @ScriptingJAK ,

I've been off on leave for the last two weeks, however, since I've been back I've noticed that my Teams has been updated to v on my WVD session.  Using this version the calendar is displaying the correct date and time for my timezone. 

Thank you@Ivan Webb  , your suggestion for the MSI update works. Appreciate it

@Ivan Webb 


The latest from the official link of: is You're saying that is a Machine Wide Installer version?

Replaced the version in the CDN link to download it and confirmed timezones look good now for me as well. No real version log I know of for Machine Wide Teams, so not sure why the large version jump between those two.