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I am an independent consultant, and actually have AD accounts with 3 or 4 different customers using Teams.   So I am using the 'work' version, but have self installed (I use my own computer so I can admin multiple VPN's, various apps, etc).


Since I am using teams with multiple accounts, but installing myself, I don't see the 'toggle'.  For me handling multiple accounts is critical and a long awaited feature.   Is there a way I can enable this?


I've tried checking the config settings, and following various other suggestions.  I do have WIN 11 and a a current version of both Windows and Teams.




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Hey, @JohnPopowski - the new Teams toggle is an admin setting.


There are a couple of options for you:

  • Set up your own Teams environment (you’ll need a subscription or look at the Developer Program if you’re testing the functionality)
  • Ask one of your clients to turn it on and use their tenant as a “main” one

That said, I wouldn’t recommend using the current preview version of the new Teams for regular work if you need anything other than. Chat and basic Team/Channel functionality. 

It’s nice to have the multi-tenant function but it lacks a lot of others in its current state: