New Teams - Shared channel redirect to wrong Shared Channel

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We have a Microsoft Team with a Shared Channel. If the owner-A (or an Global-Admin) adds a user-X to that particular Shared Channel. And user-X clicks the tile of that team in the Microsoft Teams client (or Web) he ends up in another Shared Channel. 

I tried reproducing it and it's the same for me or anyone else using the "new Teams" within our organisation.


I found out the problem lies within the "New Teams", because if user-X tries going back to Microsoft Teams classic the redirect works like it should. In the "New Teams" it doesn't.

I tried contacting Microsoft Support, but thusfar it didn't help me.


Anyone experienced something similar? Solution?

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@GR_Aerr It seems something is not correct in your tenant so please create a ticket with the items you added here as questions.

@paul keijzers 

I already have a ticket, for now without success.

If it's an Tenant issue, which I doubt, why would the issue only occur whith the New Teams (which we have up to date and the update policy on "Microsoft controlled")