Can link for call always the same?

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I would like to migrate my online training workflow from Zoom to Teams, because whole our company use teams. But I struggle of how to set it so it would work the same way. 

On Zoom we have for example ONE same link for topic of the training... So this link will be same for training group today, tommorow, in week, always the same even when dates are changing, customer groups are changing. So in invites, it will always be: 

- There is always one of our employes connected (not the same for every training) with Zoom license, and on the other side customers without zoom license.


How to do that in Teams Meeting? It seems that whatever I set, the link is always different. I would like the workflow to be the same:
- From our company, internal colleague that will lead the training can be always different.
- From customers, it will be always someone else. (and probably will ot have teams license)
- The dates are not regular, sometimes once per week, sometimes every other week, etc...

- But link remain the same so it is easy for invites.

Thank you for your suggestions. 

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@MskarkaCz I understand what you want. But what about the chat if people follow your course may they see old conversations in the chat? This is the only thing if they may not you have to create new invites every time. If they may you can create a recurring meeting and share the link with your customer.

Good question. At Zoom, the link ways same, but chat different. At Teams we can`t do that?
I am thinking tot ry to do it with channels (teams?) but not sure if that will work Outside of our company?

Your idea with reccuring meeting: Can that be done when it not regullar meeting? (the rule is not like "every monday...").

Thank you very much for your suggestion.
With a Channel meeting the issue would stay exactly the same. Chat stays in both meetings. :( I think this is great one for the feedback you can post it here:
would the link at least stay the same? If I would do it in channel?
By my testing... not really :(
The link would stay the same if you make it requiring.