New Teams not included in Microsoft 365 Apps installation? (Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel)

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I created a new SCCM deployment for Microsoft 365 Apps and I was surprised to see that the New Teams is not included in the installation. Instead it still installs the old classic Teams.


If I understood correctly from this article, it was supposed to be included December 2023?

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Hello @MiikaRaseko,

while the new Teams should be included with Microsoft 365 installations since December 2023, there are a few potential reasons why it might not be showing up:

  1. European Regulations: If you're located in Europe, the new Teams might be excluded due to recent competition rulings.
    Microsoft announces changes to Microsoft 365 and Office 365 to address European competition concerns...

  2. Administrative Exclusion: Your organization's administrator might have excluded the new Teams with M365 app installations.
    Upgrade to new Microsoft Teams with Microsoft 365 Apps - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn

If none of these seem to be the case, contacting Microsoft support for further investigation is recommended.

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