NEW Teams Client installer bulk - Offline Installer missing / teamsbootstrapper

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Microsoft has published a bulk installer. But the teamsbootstrapper.exe need a internet connection. Every client on which you run the command and teamsbootstrapper.exe will download the full installation files. In the requirements is nothing about need internet connection and for software distribtution systems not a good way. Also think about the sustainability if every client download it from the internet and not from a local source.


You can not be serious that all clients must load the setup?

Or I'm I wrong and does anybody has more information?


PLEASE provide a offline installer for a real bulk installation! THX


Bulk deploy the new Microsoft Teams client

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Same request here. It's a pain to package since the source files aren't part of the teamsbootstrapper.exe. The detection method also needs something that's more reliable. Any how, the best way I found to deploy it is through a task sequence that copies the exe on the local workstation and then a PowerShell script to run it. Far from being practical but it works.

@Lars Roth 
Having it dump the results as json to stdout is also a choice.  Most of the tools we'd use to deploy this would be checking exit codes.